My Name is Tatiana Eaves and I am many things.

I’m a biologist. I live for questions and answers about the world we live in. From the 8 year-old version of myself, digging for worms and looking at lizard skeletons under a microscope, to today’s version of myself pursuing my M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University. I obtained my B.S. in Biology and a GIS certification at Appalachian State University. In Biology, my degree was concentrated on ecology, evolution and environmental studies.

I’m a photographer. Since the age of 15 I’ve been capturing animals, landscapes and whatever else could tell me a good story and have been published on several occasions.

I am a writer. Our ecosystem is full of stories and I am dying to tell them. I’ve been writing poetry about nature and my journey as a human on this planet for as long as I can remember, and am excited thoroughly by knowledge. I have in my adult life switched to writing narrative-like renditions of biological topics in order to communicate complex topics to the public in a simple and exciting manner. I want to learn everything and I want to tell everyone about it. Science is a living and breathing organism that needs to be understood by everyone. I have dedicated myself to this medium for three years working in publishing and also writing for magazines, government programs, journals, and other scientific reporting mediums.

Science should not scare you but excite you and I will not stop until everyone knows this! I firmly believe in art and science coming together as one. Science is art. This world is marvelous, and I would like as much knowledge about it as I can possibly grasp.

Current Affiliations:

American Association for the Advancement of Science (Editorial Coordinator, Science Advances)

United States Geological Survey (Outreach CoordinatorRefugia Research Coalition)

Ricochet Science(Science Writer)

500 Women Scientists (DC Pod Social Media Lead)

Portrait taken by Skylar Brady