Extending the Vision: Highlighting the Human Dimensions of the Ecological Society of America

My co-authors and I are very excited to kick off this series.

Our front piece is now published in the ESA Bulletin!

Our series will be about how Ecological research cannot be conducted in a vacuum and that we need to include the most diverse minds to tackle our environmental issues. And additionally how the Ecological Society of America is facilitating/promoting this in the field.

Excerpt: The reach of humans into natural ecosystems extends beyond what we might have imagined possible a century ago. Consequently, ecological science is virtually impossible to conduct in isolation, as humans are a large part of the ecosystems we study. Human dimensions scholars are working to continue expanding ecology to include these perspectives. Furthermore, scientific inquiry, and ecology in particular, needs the diverse perspectives of all people to seek solutions to the grand challenges we now face. And yet, for generations, ecology has lacked such diversity. Read more at the ESA Bulletin doi.org/10.1002/bes2.1595