Storytelling to Regenerate

Sharing our lived experiences in a changing climate is a powerful tool to inspire action. This is why the I organized and moderated a 500 Women Scientists DC pod event on climate storytelling on September 18th, right before the Youth Climate Strike, in collaboration with Our Climate Voices, Loam, and hosted by The Outrage.

Our night of storytelling was wonderful & empowering. I owe everything to the fantastic storytellers. It was so much fun moderating on stage and supporting them.

This storytelling event featured true, personal stories from Pod members and members of the local community who have a story about how climate change is impacting their lives and why they’re calling others to act.

We are so grateful for those willing to share their stories & those willing to listen to them. ⁣It reminds us how important it is to fight for our climate at the Climate Strike and every day.