The Ethics of Releasing Your Pet into the Wild

When people think of biodiversity loss they often don’t think of the pet trade. Sure, you may think of larger animals such as elephants dying for their ivory, or tigers for their skin, but not of our furry everyday companions. Everyone loves pets. When you were a child it’s the first thing you ask your parents for; you want a cuddly companion to love you. Yet, that doesn’t always translate into the long term benefit for the pet. Things happen, you move, you realize this was more of a task then you thought you signed up for, and then you decide that the most humane thing is to release the pet into the wild. After all that’s where they came from right? Wrong. Few people understand that this is an illegal and frankly unethical practice. The degree of punishment you receive from releasing a non-native species into the wild varies by state. Some repercussions include large fines or small jail time. Read the full article at Ricochet Science